Deverik Profile Thumb


7 hours ago

Good deal for the price, as long as the people you live with are cool. Some of the rooms have blemishes but they fix those and any maintenance issues pretty quick

Sarah Profile Thumb


1 day ago

I have loved staying here! I love being so close to the clubhouse, and all of the fun things are so near, like the pool and volleyball courts! I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a place to call home!

Amal Profile Thumb


10 days ago

The apartments are very homey. The location is also great, right next to Walmart and gas stations and campus. I'm also excited to see the new clubhouse renovations.

Braden Profile Thumb


10 days ago

I really enjoy being here! It’s a pretty relaxed community and it’s relatively quiet which is a huge plus! Only downside is sometimes can get trashy

Cole Profile Thumb


13 days ago

Great! i love everything about the collective. the pool the new gym. it’s great and all the residents are very nice. even tho it is a drive to campus it is worth it